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The Guru Kindergarten

The formative years of a child’s life are crucial in the development of their physical, emotional & social quotient. To promote their latent qualities, we have segregated the Kindergarten Block from the main building, designed especially for them. This is planned to provide special care, in a protected environment, to the nascent minds just as the campus for the senior students would provide a more robust & vibrant environment suited to their age group.

Parents know that the early years are important to help build a strong foundation in each discipline of academics. This is inculcated in the tender minds by the specially trained, caring teachers of the ‘The Guru Kindergarten’. This block provides an environment for the growth of their emotional & curious minds. The teachers cater to individual needs & monitor the various stages of development. There are plenty of opportunities for first-hand learning & grasping & the learners are encouraged to question, explore, solve complex problems, think critically & develop a body of relevant knowledge & skills. No child is rushed in this process & they are guided to go as far as their natural curiosity takes them.

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"Be a student as long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life."

— Henry L. Doherty

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