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Parental Cooperation

Parents are requested to cooperate with the vision of the school and for maintenance of the academic atmosphere of the school.

  • Send your children in proper school uniform, be punctual at school and see that children come to the school with necessary books and stationery. Follow the school rules and help your wards to take part in school activities.
  • Parents are not allowed to see their children or meet the teacher during the school hours without the previous permission of the Principal. No parent should contact the teacher directly.
  • Students will not be allowed to go home during school hours. Parents/guardians are requested not to make any social engagements or medical appointments during working hours.
  • Parents are requested not to send their wards if they are medically unfit. Students suffering from contagious and infectious diseases should not attend the classes till the required quarantine period is completed.
  • This school diary is an essential part of every student’s outfit. It should be brought to school every day without fail.
  • All entries of absence, late coming etc. should be made in the school diary on the specified page and not on sheets of paper. The diary must be preserved till the end of the year. In case the pages get completed then a duplicate diary has to be purchased from the school office.
  • Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to check the diary everyday and help the school to help their ward.
  • Phone calls during the class hours for the teachers and students will not be entertained.
  • In case your ward is participating in any school function, the expenses for the costumes will be borne by the parents/guardians.
  • Parents are hereby informed that since students come from varying backgrounds, it should not be surprising if a few students coming to the school have the tendency of stealing other student’s articles like pen, pencil etc. The parents are requested to have strict watch over their child to see if he/she carries home stolen items. They are also requested to provide their child with sufficient things so that he/she may not resort to stealing.
  • Criticism of a teacher in the presence of the child should be avoided as it undermines the child’s respect for the teacher and for the school.
  • Any change of residence or telephone number may please be immediately notified to the school office.
  • Please do not send any valuable articles to the school. Students are strictly forbidden from bringing electronic items of communication, games, music, etc. Mobile phones are not to be brought to school. Students are strictly forbidden to wear gold ornaments/jewellery.
  • Parents/guardians should monitor the internet sites being visited by their ward and limit TV viewing to appropriate programmes.
  • Students of senior classes are, under no circumstances, allowed to commute to school on two wheelers.
  • The students are to be taught to keep the school premises clean, neat and tidy. Litter must be put in the dust bins provided

"Be a student as long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life."

— Henry L. Doherty

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